Graduate School Statement of Interest Writing!

Statement of Interest to Show Commitment in Finishing the Program

Academic schools and programs require submission of essays such as personal statements and statement of interest in order to effectively evaluate applicants not only based on how well they communicate but also if they are genuinely interested in the program. Remember that admission committee would want someone that is in it for the long haul instead of admitting an applicant that has the necessary qualifications but lack the determination to accomplish the course. A graduate school statement of intent will help you establish your commitment into excellence and show that you understand the importance of finishing the task long before it is due.

Statement of Purpose as an Effective Distinction Tool

By stating your goals and objectives, you are allowing your readers understand your purpose into pursuing the business program. Your statement of interest grad school will help guide the admission committee on your actions, overall goals and offer a path to what you want to become after graduating. Think of your essays as distinction tools that will help you differentiate yourself from others; by showing your uniqueness, you are enabling your readers to choose you. Write a winning statement of interest that will surely make your application memorable!

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