14 Reasons Why Your Statement of Purpose Is Worse Than Chuck Norris: How to Improve Statement of Purpose

Do you want to know how to improve statement of purpose? Or, maybe, you search for information on how to write a statement of purpose graduate schoolAlmost all universities are requiring applicants to submit a statement of purpose as one of the admission requirements. The essay is their basis to know more about applicants because it allows the admission committee to read unique stories, achievements, and accomplishments of the person behind the application.

how to improve statement of purpose

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Statistics about Admission

  • University of Oxford: Around 19,000 individuals applied to the undergraduate study of the university and almost 26,000 persons applied to the graduate study for 2016 entry.
  • MIT: The admission statistics for the 2016 fall class of the university was somewhat high. The university received 19,020 freshmen application, and they admitted 1,511. The percentage admitted by the school is 7.9%. Also, there are 7,767 early action applicants and 656 were admitted.
  • University of Notre Dame: The University got 19,566 applications in the year 2017 and 3,700 were admitted. Also, there were 2,050 who enrolled.
  • Princeton University: The University received 29,303 applications, and there were 1,911 admitted. There were also 1,312 who enrolled.

best tips for writing a statement of purpose

Common Mistakes in Writing Statement of Purpose

Knowing how to improve statement of purpose is important to help yourself avoid the common mistakes. If you’re looking to start right, you should avoid the following mistakes.

  • Rehashing the resume. One of the tips on how to write a good statement of purpose is not to rehash your resume. The SoP is your chance to tell your own story, so you need to highlight your best qualities. You need to show your vision and reasons you deserve to be a student at the university.
  • Hollow claims. One of the statement of purpose tips to remember is to avoid hollow claims. No one wants to read an essay that is full of baseless claims. In writing the essay, you need to show, not just tell. If you write that you are hardworking, then give specific examples. Instead of writing gazillions of adjectives in your statement of purpose, it is better to write three to four meaningful stories showing your capabilities.
  • Lack of confidence. Did you read other SoPs? Did you find it awesome and effective? Then, do not lose hope because you can also do it. Just make sure that you start from scratch in order to tell a unique story. Finally, be confident that you can do it.
  • Lack of planning. Writing a statement of purpose needs time, and you need four to five weeks for revisions. Take note that SoP needs a reflection, and it takes the time to do it. The problems of some applicants are that they do not plan ahead of time, so they cannot create a unique essay.

tips on how to write a good statement of purpose

How to Improve Statement of Purpose: Advice from the Experts

  • Debby Cacharach: According to Debby, you need to let your personality shine by showing your uniqueness when writing the statement of purpose. She also said that it is better to share experiences and journeys – the triumphs, lessons learned and hurdles. You can also write about the program that inspires you and most of all, do not forget to use concrete nouns, sensory details, small moments and active verbs.
  • Kavitha Vijeyavelan: In writing the statement of purpose, you should not lose focus. Your focus should be on yourself, your potential dream career and ways that the program can help you to get there. Kavitha said that it should be a reflection of yourself. Also, you need to avoid being generalizing and beating around the bush. For some pointers, it is better to write about hardships and hurdles as well as what the course means to you.
  • Patrick Jackson: In writing the SoP, you need to be unique. You need to ensure to use words that stand out. Also, you need to make sure that your opening paragraph is attention-grabbing and interesting. Patrick also advises applicants to be concise and clear. Because you have limited words to use, do not waste allotted space. Aside from this tip, choosing the vocabulary to use is important. Avoid using big words, and you do not need to read the thesaurus for each word that you write in your statement of purpose.

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