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Art and Hobby Classes

Itching to learn a new craft or acquire a new skill? Whether it's knitting, painting, or creative writing you're into, discover the course for you with our range of classes focused on the arts, and start your new hobby today!

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We at Graduate School believe in delivering higher education at a lower cost. Whether you are someone looking to indulge in a new hobby or learn a different artistic skill, our wide range of certification courses in painting, cooking, crystal healing, dog grooming and more will help you get there. Believe it or not, if cat care or dog grooming is something you want to get trained in, we have got you covered there too.

Each complete course offers 20 hours of learning which includes practical training and free assessments. On completion of each module, you get the opportunity to obtain a certificate from globally recognized universities like Austin Peay State University and other such institutions. The educators for each course come with extensive industry-level practical training which guarantees that you are getting the best learning experience!

Course Benefits

  • University approved
  • Update your resume
  • Test your knowledge
  • Learn at your pace
  • Upskill at no extra cost
  • Try for free