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Screenwriting Course Online

A comprehensive guide to the art and craft of screenwriting. Within this course, you will be guided through all the essential aspects of writing your first feature film - starting from the basic techniques you've got to learn, progressing through the history of this artform, and ending in your achievement of the title of truly holistic screenwriter.


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Screenwriting Class Overview

  • Industry-standard formatting for screen
  • Practical knowledge of standard screenwriting software
  • How to craft believable characters
  • How to write effective and gripping dialogue
  • How to embrace visual storytelling languages

Screenwriting Course Content

Diploma in Screenwriting
  • The Key Elements of Story
  • Research
  • The Three-Act Structure
  • The Kishotenketsu Structure
  • Character Development
  • Character, Conflict, & Humanity
  • Dialogue for Film
  • Film analysis
Intermediate in Screenwriting
  • Genres of Film
  • Genre Insight: Comedy & Drama
  • Genre insight: Romance
  • Genre insight: Horror & Sci-Fi
  • Digging for Ideas
  • Story Development
  • Exposition & Backstory
  • On Foreshadowing: Set-ups & Pay-offs