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Our writers are happy to share their experience with applicants on the academic statement of purpose writing. Take a look at the graduate school statement of purpose sample crafted by our experts: you will see the main parts every SoP should have and notice the tone in which it should be written. Of course, there are many graduate school statement of purpose samples online and the more you read before you start writing your own – the better.

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Graduate School Statement of Purpose SamplePhD Statement of Purpose SampleMBA Statement of Purpose Sample

Graduate schools statement of purpose sample
PhD statement of purpose sample
MBA statement of purpose sample

Get outstanding winning Statement of Purpose in one click!

Get outstanding winning Statement of Purpose in one click!

Get outstanding winning Statement of Purpose in one click!

Graduate School Statement of Purpose Example

Ever since I was young, I have been constantly exposed to the world of business: my father is an accomplished and passionate businessman. However, that same passion my father had was what exactly brought him down the moment many of his employees connived with his accountant in order to steal money from him. As a result, my father’s business went down, almost at the brink of bankruptcy. I saw the rage and despair in my father’s eyes then, and then I resolved to become someone who once he lost his trust in. It pushed me to want to become a Certified Public Accountant and take up a graduate degree in Accountancy.

During my undergraduate studies, I have been exposed to many, if not all, of the accounting practices that I could possibly encounter in my whole career. My constant high grades during my undergraduate years are the results of my conscious efforts to maintain my scholarship as well as my desire to further my knowledge in my chosen field. I was particularly interested in Managerial Accounting: the method of accounting for operations of each organization and their own budget preparations, having been serving my On-the-job training at Trax, a company famous for its diverse food products, in the accounting and budgeting department, and having been primarily exposed to actual budgeting preparations. After having completed with my OJT, the company asked me to submit my resume as soon as a graduate as they said that they would be gladly absorbing me due to my excellent performance. Upon graduating, I first took the CPA board exam and passed the exam on the first take, afterward applied at Trax and immediately got a job.

However, having remembered how my father was so devastated by his employees’ betrayal, I wanted to become so much more. I wanted to know more about my field and about what more I can do for my employer. This is the very reason why I decided to take graduate studies. Learning doesn’t stop after all. After my graduate studies, I plan on taking up a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Doctorate Degree: which I consider would be the peak of my academic degree. All of this I consider as one great feat I want to accomplish no matter what it takes. And this academic journey, I would like it to start with your university.

I am very knowledgeable and aware of your school’s reputation and capabilities. Having produced your alumni who are now very well known in the business world, I know that with your aide, I am, and I would be able to have this huge leap. With your advanced technology, I would be able to fully utilize my knowledge of the 21st-century technology for my career. Most of all, your impeccable faculty would be of the greatest aid in broadening my knowledge of my chosen graduate field. All of these together, I know that your institution is the best avenue for my formation and I hope that you will give me the honor of continuing my studies in your institution.


How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Grad School

Statement of purpose is the most important part of your application when it comes to grad school admission. Following a few tips can help you to write grade school SoP:

  • Be original and don’t copy from someone else or from an online source. Admission committee reads hundreds of applications and they can see the copied content within a short time.
  • Show your interest in every school by writing about the strengths of that particular school, no matter you are applying to several other schools. It means you have to write a unique SoP for every school you are applying to.
  • To write a good SoP, you have to write a draft first. It will help you to organize your statement in a better way.
  • Start writing and you will get new ideas. Writing on paper will trigger your trail of thoughts.
  • Write clear sentences, which should be free from grammatical errors.

Check a statement of purpose sample created by professional writers below. Our experts would be glad to assist you in crafting your purpose of statement.

Statement of Purpose Sample

To stand on a freighter deck in a wicked storm then dive into seeming mountainous data is a product of my passion for asset management. Excelling in a profession few understand requires a fearlessness that has impelled my ongoing advocacy for the oil & gas industry. However, I think the most compelling reason I seek new vistas, stems from my introduction to the meaning of Asset Management. In 2013, I began work as a CMMS engineer for an oil and gas company. Devoted to bringing value, my supervisor was notably impressed by my efforts and I was promoted to team leader.

Many of our tasks involved hands-on data cleanup, identifying gaps, creating BOM, and meeting constantly with clients as well as spearheading new projects, creating multiple IBAU and standardizing the asset register with more than 100K data changes, despite sleep deprivation. When I asked myself: why did I make such an effort? I realized how important serving the client mattered and that asset management was, in fact, the intrinsic meaning of my work.

Another turning point can be traced to an incident that took place before I was born: ‘the Piper Alpha incident.” In 1988, due to faulty procedures, there was an oil rig gas leak taking the lives of nearly 200 workers and costing in excess of one billion pounds. To me, it was a chilling reminder of a profession with the potency of disaster. Beyond healthy caution, it infused me with the motivation to strive to do my part that it would never happen again. Whether serving as a CMMS leader in Kuala Lumpur or for Nexus Malaysia, clippings of this disaster emphasized the imperative of reliable equipment and the core necessity of protecting asset integrity. In the final analysis, these faded articles echoed the need for vigilance by those of us charged with such managerial responsibilities.

As to the state of asset management in Malaysia, it is in its infancy. As a developing nation, there are scattered individual firms, but there is no shared vision, no skilled expertise and virtually no understanding of Asset Management. Moreover, there is no shared foundation. As I pursue masters training and build upon both leadership in the field as well as asset management acumen, I know I can be a force for my change in a homeland that needs so much. In a speech I the United Nations, I heard Emma Wilson challenge “If not now, when? If not you, who?” She threw down the gauntlet and I have picked it up.

Our Experts’ Advice Regarding Grad School SoP

We have a team of expert writers, who are helping hundreds of students in writing SoP. They advise students to write with a clear mind:

Do a little homework about the school you are applying to and write a unique SoP for that particular school. After completing, revise and do necessary editing. Show your SoP to a friend or family member and consider his suggestions.

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