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Our expert-led photography classes will give you the skills you need to become a professional photographer, with complete training from beginner to advanced photography techniques.


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Photography Class Overview

  • Understanding lens types
  • Understand each camera mode in detail
  • The importance of lighting and how to work with natural light
  • Control depth of field with apertures and learn shutter speeds for dynamic movement
  • Learn composition rules and guidelines
  • Learn to develop your own style and achieve the most from your pictures with editing

Photography Course Content

Diploma in Photography
  • Getting Started — What do you want to shoot?
  • Camera Basics — Start taking control
  • Your view of the world through your camera
  • Composition — Start seeing as a photographer
  • Shutter Speeds — Adding dynamic movement to your photography
  • Apertures — Controlling light and depth
  • Good exposure and the light meter
  • Manual Mode — Take complete control
Intermediate in Photography
  • Capturing better portraits
  • Shooting landscapes
  • Importance of colour
  • Seeing in black and white
  • Photography in lowlight and at night
  • Macro photography — get closer!
  • Food photography — photos good enough to eat!
  • Photographing wildlife
Advanced in Photography
  • Histograms - measuring tones and exposure
  • Metering modes - change how you see light
  • Lens Filters - A Guide
  • HDR Photography
  • Flash Photography Part 1
  • Flash Photography Part 2
  • Studio Lighting Part 1
  • Studio Lighting Part 2
Proficient in Photography
  • Basic Editing
  • Editing landscapes
  • Editing portraits
  • Colour and black and white editing
  • Colour and black and white editing
  • HDR and panoramic creation
  • Lowlight photography editing
  • Creating a portfolio