Graduate School offer a wide range of resources and support to help our current graduate students excel.

Graduate Student Life

The graduate student experience at Graduate School goes far beyond the lecture hall and the research lab; it includes all the benefits of attending the largest and most active university in North Carolina.

Graduate School’s Division of Academic and Student Affairs oversees everything you’ll need to fulfill your academic and personal ambitions at Graduate School, from career development and community service opportunities to health and wellness, arts, culture and recreation.

Graduate students are also encouraged to join the university’s Graduate Student Association and to get involved with some of the more than 600 student organizations on campus.

Find out about the responsibilities and expectations for student advisees and faculty advisors at Best Practices for Graduate Education.

Learn more about the services and opportunities available to Graduate School students, or explore available services and support below.

Graduate Catalog

Review program descriptions, faculty listings and available resources.

New Student Survival Guide

Enjoy a seamless transition to Graduate School’s campus with our comprehensive guide.

Financial Support

Check out available financial support, including assistantships, fellowships, and the Graduate Student Support plan.

North Carolina Residency

Learn about the procedure for becoming a North Carolina resident and gaining in-state tuition status.

Graduate Calendars

Keep track of the academic year and stay up to date with important Graduate School events and deadlines.

Graduate Forms

Find forms and instructions for common Graduate School tasks and procedures.

Graduate Writing Support

Take advantage of workshops, completion camps, writing retreats, and other support we offer to help you earn your degree.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Format and upload your thesis or dissertation, and access a database of other graduates’ final papers.

Professional Development Programs

Explore the programs and support we provide to transform current students into future leaders.

Commencement Exercises

Learn everything you need to know about Graduate School’s fall and spring commencement exercises.